God, Religion and Philosophy

  1. Have you ever “danced with the Devil” when you knew that it was wrong to do so?
  2. Do you believe that truth is the same as reality?
  3. Do you believe that life is more of a journey than a story to be told?
  4. Do you believe that the greatest challenge in life is to find its meaning?
  5. Is there any great irony in your life?

Partners, Relationships and Marriage

  1. Is there something that you haven’t told your spouse or partner that you would like to?
  2. Do you withhold any of yourself with your spouse or partner?
  3. Have you yet loved fully and completely?
  4. Have you ever been in a relationship where you know that there is a limit to how happy you can be?
  5. Do you believe that love precedes happiness?

Your Work

  1. Do you think that you and your job are a good match?
  2. Do you ever think that your job keeps you from your true life’s work?
  3. Do you find any meaning in your work?
  4. Do you believe that you will be in your current job this time next year?
  5. Is there a person at work that intrigues you?

Getting to Know You

  1. Do you have a hero?
  2. Are you proud of you?
  3. Would you trade your life in to be someone else?
  4. Have you ever had an idea that you thought would make you rich?
  5. Has opportunity ever knocked on your door and you weren’t home that day?

Your Family

  1. Did you ever stop accepting your father as a role model?
  2. Is there an unspoken “secret” in your family?
  3. Have you dismissed any quality in you that either of your parents had?
  4. Was it an unstated premise in your family that you should withhold touch or emotion?
  5. Now that you are an adult, is there something that you have wanted to tell your parents but have been reluctant to do so?

Your Psychology

  1. Do you think that you are aware of others more than they are aware of you?
  2. Have you ever felt possessed by an outside force?
  3. Have you ever heard voices that no one else could hear?
  4. Is your presentation of your “outer self” the same as your “inner self”?
  5. If you were a flower, would you consider yourself to be in full bloom?