1. Two to six players can play. The more people who play, the more questions and strategy come into the interactions. First, each player chooses a specific game piece. That game piece color also determines your matching life circle color on the game board. To see who goes first, roll the dice. The person, who rolls the highest number, asks the first question.

  2. There are six color-coded categories of questions to choose from:YELLOW………. Getting To Know You
    RED…………….. Your Family
    BLUE……………. Partners, Relationships and Marriage
    ORANGE………..Work Relationships
    PURPLE …………Your Psychology
    GREEN…………..God, Religion and Your Philosophy

    The first player rolls the dice and that color on the dice determines the color category that your first question is to come from. The object of the game is to move your game piece from the starting position and to be the first person (moving in a counterclockwise direction) to finish the game at NIRVANA. You do not have to have an exact roll on the dice to reach the finish line. Any number on the dice high enough to move you to or past the finish line will get you to NIRVANA. This having been said, the underlying purpose of this game is to promote self-understanding for you, your family and your friends.

  3. Each Player has a YES card and a NO card. Each player also has one PASS card and two DEFLECT cards per game (each card can only be used once during the game).

  4. Keep both your YES and the NO cards turned down. Advance forward on the table either the YES or the NO card depending on what you think the person will say (all questions have yes or no answers). Remember to keep your YES and NO cards turned down until after you get an answer to your question.

  5. If you guessed correctly how the respondent answered your question, advance your game piece forward by the number on another roll of the dice. If you guessed incorrectly, move your game piece backward by that number on the roll of the dice.

  6. As a respondent to a question, you always have the option to use your PASS card on any question during the game. If you PASS, the questioner can direct the same question to another player or choose a completely different question to ask. You also have two DEFLECT cards per game, whereby you, the respondent, can deflect your question to any other player of your choosing. If you do DEFLECT your question to another player, the questioner must be given enough time to change the original “YES” or “NO” prediction given that the respondent has changed and the prediction will change as well.

  7. If as the questioner, you strongly believe that you are right, even though your respondent disagreed, you may request a QUORUM vote. A QUORUM vote is a simple majority. If more players agree with you rather than the respondent, then by the roll of the dice, move your game piece forward by that number. If the QUORUM vote rules against you as the questioner, you must move your game piece backward by the roll of the dice. A QUORUM vote can only be called by the questioner. In case of a QUORUM vote tie, the tie goes to the respondent.

  8. In a counterclockwise direction, the next person asks a question of any other player and so on. Follow-up questions are allowed by any player at any time (game pieces do not move on follow-up questions).

  9. Follow the instructions if you land on a (+) or (-) space. For example, if you land on a (+3) space, advance your game piece 3 spaces forward. If you land on a (-2) space, move your game piece 2 spaces backward. It is also possible to move backward beyond the START position. As in real life, often you hit a “bump in the road” or have a setback where you must pick yourself up and “dust yourself off”. Alternately, often you find something that works for you and that propels your life forward, a new relationship, a new job or a new opportunity. Each life event, whether good or bad, shapes your destiny that God has envisioned for you.

  10. If you land on any of the LIFE QUESTIONS (Growth, Superstition, Depression, Fear, Anger, Intolerance, Empathy, Happiness, Self-loathing, Forgiveness, Discrimination, Love, Sadness, Emotional Release, Feelings Withheld, Self-discovery, Jealousy, Helplessness, Regret, Aloneness, Selfishness, Enlightenment or Spirituality), you must relate to the other players a short story from your life regarding one of the topics. This would apply if you land on a LIFE QUESTION while moving either forward or backward. You can however, use your one PASS card or either of your two DEFLECT cards if you can’t think of a story or would like another player to relate their story. The only exception to this rule is when you FINISH the game; you must relate a story about Enlightenment AND Spirituality. When this is completed, you can then GO DIRECTLY TO NIRVANA.

  11. You cannot use the same story twice and you cannot ask the same question twice of the same player (in order to get a guaranteed match.)

  12. There is a ONE MINUTE RULE in which any player has one minute to choose a question. Use the sand timer provided to determine when the minute is up. If any player cannot pick out a question in the allotted minute, that player loses his or her turn.

  13. You will find while playing this game that the only “downtime” is while you are waiting for the questioner to pick the right question to ask a particular person. Use this time to browse through the other color questions before it’s your turn to ask a question. If you want, jot down a particular color question number that you might like to ask a certain person should that color come up on your next roll of the dice.

  14. Due to the usefulness of some questions, they have been placed in more than one category. Please use discretion in choosing your questions, as some family topics have never been discussed. INTROSPECTION does not claim in any way to be psychoanalysis. To deal with troubling family issues, please seek professional counseling.

  15. This game is dedicated to all those family members and friends who have gone before us, and all those that will come after us, who may not have had the opportunity to ask significant questions of each other. May God bless this game and all those who have chosen to play and learn from it. Enjoy!