A Family Game for the Holidays!

It is that time of the year when family and friends gather around the dinner table. After that wonderful meal, pull out the game of questions, INTROSPECTION and find out just what is on the mind of cousin Sue or Grandma Minnie! With over 1,200 questions in six different categories (Getting To Know You, Your Family, Relationships, Work, Your Psychology and Your Philosophy & Religious beliefs), you can customize the exact question to the person you are most interested in at that very moment! All questions are YES or No and you have to predict what your family member or friend will say in order to move forward on the board with a correct prediction or backward with an incorrect prediction. If you land on a “Tell a Story” site, you have to give a short story among the categories listed….might be a story about personal growth, love, anger, self-discovery, or superstition to name a few! The first player who reaches the finish line must give two stories, one about enlightenment and the other about spirituality, whatever that means to you, before you can move into NIRVANA and win the game!You and your family or friends are absolutely, positively guaranteed to learn something new about each player sitting around the table!Call 254-694-8216 to order yours today! Holiday sale price is only $18.00 with FREE SHIPPING! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!