INTROSPECTION, The Board Game’s Question of the Week for July 22, 2012: Does your Partner consider you to be Romantic?

This week’s question from INTROSPECTION, The Board Game comes from the Partners, Relationships and Marriage Section of the game. If you were to guess my answer today…you would have had to have guessed, “No” in order to roll the dice and move forward on the board! We have had a busy weekend with my son and his daughter visiting over the weekend. Jan and I have not had much time together this weekend. After Brendon and Alura left, I watched the conclusion of the British Open. Jan went to the pool with one of her neighbors. It has just been one of those weekends that was busy with family events and Jan and I did not spend any quality time together. Jan works so hard during the week ( while I am playing golf) that the weekend is really the only time set aside for each other. This has just been one of those weekends that we have just not seen each other that much. Really, as I think about it, I have not bought her any flowers lately, just to thank her for all that she does. I do not want to be a neglectful spouse or to take my wife for granted because she is a wonderful and thoughtful person (much more than I!) Sooo, before she gets back from the pool, I am going to the market to get her some fresh flowers…just because, I lover her very much…oops…she just came in…the flowers will have to wait until tomorrow. The evening is still young!