INTROSPECTION, The Board Game’s Question of the Week for July 15th, 2012: Do you require a lot of Social Contact?

This week’s question from INTROSPECTION, The Board Game comes from the Psychology section and if you were asking me this question while playing, I hope you guessed that I would say, “No!”  If you guessed correctly, roll the dice and move your game piece forward! I really do not need a great deal of social contact…I am pretty comfortable by myself and usually prefer it that way.  Of course when I was not married, I sought to be married to relieve lonliness. Now that I am married, I know that my wife is there for me and me for her, so I can go off by myself for periods of time and it is OK! As a matter of fact, Jan prefers me to get out of the house rather than be underfoot. I am retired and she is still working, so I do my thing and she does hers and we meet up again on the weekend. Jan is much more social than I am in that she loves to have her friends over for wine and cheese. Me on the other hand, I am a doer and have more of a need to be doing something as opposed to chatting about something. Neither is bad or wrong but take for example last night, when one of our female neighbors came over for a drink. They sat out on the patio and talked for hours! I get no great thrill from this so I went out to say hi and went back in to finish Piers Morgan’s interview with Robert Blake! Earlier in the evening, I suggested that we go to the pool or go to a wine tasting event in Burleson (Jan loves this) with no great enthusiasm on her part but I did not want to go off by myself on a Friday night without her….soooo, I stayed home  and was her cheese and wine tasting buddy until the neighbor came over. I am pretty good by myself and just need to know that someone is there for me so I can go and do my thing. When I am doing nothing though, I regretfully have to say that my caloric and alcohol ingestion go up….mainly because I am pleasing my wife rather than doing what I would rather be doing. Marriage is a give and take like that…but why can’t I have more self-control and not eat so much in those situations….especially social situations? I went over to my brother’s house for this past 4th of July and I was constantly in the chips and bean dip! Food is my comfort zone in social gatherings! I would simply just rather be doing something and conversation flowing from those actions. Oh well, everyone is different in this regard. I am enjoying my time doing this post alone in my office while Jan is taking a nap. Ok, now it is time to wake her up!