INTROSPECTION, The Board Game’s Question of the Week for June 17th, 2012: Do you ever pout with your spouse or partner?

This week’s question from INTROSPECTION, The Board Game comes from the, “Marriage and Relationships” section of the game. If you were to ask me this question while playing and had predicted that I would say, “Yes”….you would be absolutely correct! I do pout and I admit it! My wife and me seldom have an argument or a cross word but when we do and I feel that I have been treated unfairly, I will get angry, say some things that I will regret and then pout or not be willing to talk about it for a few hours. In other words, I have to be pushed “over the line” and then I get POed! When I give the “silent treatment,” I know that this is a hold over from my childhood and that I should behave in a more adult manner, however it’s like, I have been injured and my payback is to withhold or to withdraw. Last night for example, I was eating a sandwich at the table and my wife said to me that the trash bag had leaked something onto the floor. She proceeded to wipe it up and to tell me that I didn’t care. I am still eating my sandwich! I guess that I was supposed to jump up and clean it up. I later learned that she was having difficulty at work and I was the scapegoat at that moment. It is usually not one comment that will set me off but a series. Then the cycle begins. We talk about it after a few hours have passed and the issue is resolved but I don’t enjoy being unhappy, even for a few hours. I will have to work on my pouting because she is my world andI love her very much.